How do I develop faith?
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How do I develop faith?
You can develop faith by praying and especially by reading the Bible and hearing sound, biblical teaching.

" . . . faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." This Scripture is found in the New Testament  Bible in Romans 10:17. As you hear God`s Word being preached or taught or even by reading the Bible, your faith will increase.

First, to develop your faith, you need to be sure that you know Jesus-that He lives in your heart as your Lord and Savior. If He does not live in your heart, if you are not a child of God, true faith cannot really grow. (More importantly, it cannot grow towards God. It will grow towards things that are fake, or that try to replace God.) Learn what it means to know Jesus here.

Pray first to ask the Holy Spirit to show you what God is speaking. And then read. You can also grow faith by hearing good teaching or preaching from the Word of God. You`ll find this in a good, Bible-based church, and in many places on the radio or Internet. (Ask someone who is stronger in the faith that you who he or she recommends you listen to.)

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