Job Challenges - What would Jesus say to you?

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Job Problem: What Would Jesus Say

I want to share this with you from my prayer life. I've written it as if Jesus spoke to me, and it reflects how I hear him when I pray.  Before doing this, I first looked at the words that Jesus actually spoke, which are recorded in the Bible.   I've included references to Jesus' actual words in the underlined links below. I invite you to read Jesus words and then listen to what Jesus might say to you in prayer...

Be At Peace,

Thank you for coming to me.  Be at peace.  I want to hear your concerns.  Please talk to me, and tell me how you feel.  I am here.  I will listen.

Job Challenges: My compassion for you
Believe it or not, I do understand how you feel about your job.  Compassion is one of my strongest characteristics.  Did you know that I can truly empathize with you, when you say work is a struggle.  As a human on earth, I had many followers, but was also persecuted and mocked for the work I was doing here.  It was not glamorous.  The last three years of my life on earth, I was a homeless roaming preacher.  I was betrayed by someone I believed I could trust, whom I thought shared my goals.  I was spat at, beaten, and nailed to a cross for what I did.   Yet, look at the promise of hope left behind.  Do not grow tired.  Do not grow weak.  Work is a gift from me.  Your labor is not in vain. 

Job Challenges: You are not alone
Every day I talk to other friends struggling with the challenges of their job:  A young professional working long hours who feels she has been overlooked for a deserved promotion, while those who are not always honest keep advancing; The college graduate who cannot find work in his field and is working two part-time jobs to make ends meet;  A middle-aged executive who has devoted his whole life to starting and growing a company, but competition has become fierce and his revenues are declining each year.  He is unsure which direction to go and feels like giving up; The 55 year old housekeeper, who is having trouble with the physical demands of her job yet needs the income because her husband cannot find work.  She is discouraged, exhausted and scared.  The point is you are not alone.  They all cry out to me and what do I want them to hear? 

Job Challenges: Stand up with dignity and value
First and foremost  I want you to stand up with dignity.  I love and value you, so embrace your value.  The big lie is that success is defined by power, position and salary.  No!  I measure success in eternal terms.  I am in the mundane and the miraculous.  Life position means nothing to me, but heart condition means everything.  You are of infinite value to me.  You are my treasure!  The world will have you believe that your accomplishments define your value, but you were created in my image and you already have immense value and significance.  I created you unique and gifted you to perform good works for my glory. 

Job Challenges: I am on your side
I want you to believe that you and I are on the same side, working together. I want you to ask, in faith, for my help.  I want you to believe that things will eventually work out for the good, although perhaps not in the way that you expect.  While many doors may seem closed, others will open. 

Yes, I have full power to solve your problem, but to be honest, I do not promise to solve your problems now.  So what good am I?  I want you to know that as your friend, my deepest desire is to walk with you through this.  I will be here to listen to you, to support you, to affirm you, to help you persevere.

In case you want to blame me, I did not intend things to be this way.  My enemy and your enemy has broken this world and wants to destroy you.  It was never my plan to discourage you in your work or through your job.   Value defined by work is the world's own plan.  Slavery to work or a job that feels like a burden, works against my desire for your freedom.

In case you feel guilty for something you did, I do not judge you.  My role is to defend you from judgment.  Keep in mind that if you ask me for forgiveness, it is yours.   Any remaining guilt does not come from me, and is most likely from the enemy.

Job Challenges: My advice is to enjoy today
Finally, if you want my advice, then focus on living your life just for today. Do not be anxious about tomorrow.  Use this time to appreciate what you do have.  Yes, be thankful.  Focus also on loving others.

Recognize that you are NOT in control of the situation so relax.  I am in control. Rest in my love; just be diligent to do your part. 

I will try to lead you to people and resources who will help you.  Be on the watch for my hand in your life.

Remember always, I love you and am with you!

Your truest friend,

By: Vipool Patel
Category: Job Challenges - What would Jesus say to you
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Job Challenges - What would Jesus say to you?
Seek you will get it, Nothing is impossible for me, first seek ye kingdom then all you will get it.

By: aniz roy
Category: Job Challenges - What would Jesus say to you
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Job Challenges - What would Jesus say to you?
when can i get job?

By: shakeel ahmed
Category: Job Challenges - What would Jesus say to you
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Job Challenges - What would Jesus say to you?
be strong and just hold on to my words trust in me and have faith for i will never leave you or forsake you. if I have brought you to it I will bring you threw it.

By: vanessa smith
Category: Job Challenges - What would Jesus say to you
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