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" the biggest site for simple, clear, and credible information about the life, teachings and impact of Jesus"
— Vipool Patel, Founder of

The Board of Directors @

The Board of Directors governs the activities of and directs the officers of the organization.

2018 Board of Trustees

Ken Chiang (Hong Kong)
  Partner of Chilton's Asia Hedge Fund
  Former Portfolio Manager for Merrill Lynch
  Stanford BA, Wharton MBA
Larry Langdon (Silicon Valley)
  Law Partner, Mayer Brown Rowe Law Firm
  Former VP of Tax for Hewlett-Packard
  Former IRS Commissioner
  Current Trustee and Former Chair, Fuller Board of Trustees
Vipool Patel (San Diego)
  President and Founder,
  Founder and Former CEO,
  High-tech executive
  Stanford BS, Wharton MBA
Ken Perez (Silicon Valley)
  VP of Marketing, several high-tech companies
  Former President and Chair, John Stott Ministries
  National Board of Intervarsity
  Stanford BA, UCLA MBA
Allen Phipps (Silicon Valley)
  Chief of Administration, Menlo Park Pres. Church
  Former CEO, Stanford Research Institute Consulting
  Former Partner, Boston Consulting Group
  Stanford MBA
Bob Reed, PhD (Silicon Valley)
  Former President, public biotech company
  Pharmaceutical industry executive

Former Trustees

Bryce Williams
Doug Weller
Kent Coykendall
Mary Schaller
Stuart Sweet

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