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"Together we can reach our goal of 100,000,000 people introduced to Jesus in the next ten years"
— Vipool Patel, Founder of

Volunteering @

Many people around the world come around to volunteer at We look for those who are inspired by the impact we are making and are motivated to reach the world with information about the life, teachings and impact of Jesus. If you'd like to volunteer please contact

Current Needs

Course Facilitators

Facilitators help students enrolled in Jesus 101 courses by encouraging them while helping students find their pace. This is a vital role for the success of students learning about Jesus.

Chinese Language Monitor and Webmaster

Monitors look over user contributions to see they are in keeping with our ground rules and terms of use. Our goal is to encourage free communication. You must read and speak Chinese for this vital role.

Translation Improvements

Our Chinese and Arabic sites are improving thanks to the assistance of native language volunteers who suggest improvements for clarity and ease of reading.

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