Timeline After Jesus - Through 325 Years After
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Notable Aspects
  • Jesus' followers lived in relative obscurity for several decades after Jesus
  • Paul was primarily responsible for expanding the message of Jesus outside of the Jewish community
  • Followers of Jesus were persecuted and martyred from immediately after Jesus
  • "Christianity" did not become a legally recognized religion until a quarter millennium after Jesus' birth
  • 300 years after the Romans executed Jesus, the Roman Emperor Constantine became a follower of Jesus

Date (AD) Event / Stage
30 Jesus Executed on the Cross
30 Jesus' followers imprisoned and ordered not to speak regarding Jesus' death and Jesus' resurrection from the dead.
46 Paul begins missionary journeys
49 Jews expelled from Rome
62 Paul executed in Rome
64 Emperor Nero starts persecuting followers of Jesus
66 Jews begin revolt against Rome
70 Roman commander Titus captures Jerusalem and destroys Jewish Temple
132 Jews revolt against Rome again
135 Rome squashes revolt and makes Jerusalem a Roman city
161-260 Persecution of Jesus' followers intensified and continued by Roman Emperors Marcus Aurelius, Decious, Gallus, Valerian
261 Emperor Gallienus's edict makes Christianity a legal religion
325 Emperor Constantine embraces and supports Christianity - making the church an institution of wealth and power

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