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Notable Aspects
  • Most of his life was spent as a carpenter in northern Israel (see map of modern day Israel); ( see map of 1st century Palestine)
  • Jesus taught publicly for three years
  • Jesus made radical claims and attracted a following of thousands. Read about the Words of Jesus.
  • Jesus was killed at the request of Jewish religious leaders charging Jesus with "blasphemy" or claiming to be God
  • Jesus' followers reported and recorded his live appearances throughout forty days after his execution

Date Event / Stage Location
6 BC Birth (recent historians push back date to coincide with simultaneous historical events) Israel: Bethlehem
6-4 BC Infancy Egypt
4 BC-26 AD Youth Israel: Nazareth
27 AD Beginning of Jesus' public ministry Israel: Jordan/Jericho/Samaria
27 AD Rejection by his own people in Nazareth Israel: Nazareth
27-29 AD Ministry in Galilee Israel: Capernaum, Sea of Galilee
29 AD Ministry in Judea /Jerusalem Israel: Judea, Jerusalem
29 AD-winter Ministry in Perea Jordan: Perea
30 AD Back to Judea/Jerusalem Israel: Judea, Jerusalem
April 30 AD Final Week in Jerusalem (Trial/Arrest/Execution) Israel: Judea, Jerusalem
April-May 30 AD Reported Return from the Dead and Final Appearances Israel: Judea (South), Galilee (North)

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Timeline during the life of Jesus
Interesting that he lived a few years in Egypt

By: Victor Emmanuel
Category: Time Line During Life of Jesus - Lifetime Overview
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