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What Makes You Believe in Jesus?

No other person like Jesus has ever lived on this earth, and his miracles, teachings, and resurrection speak to his connection to God. In fact, he claimed to be the Son of God. I find his message and the evidence surrounding his life to be compelling enough to believe his claim.

Engineer, 42, France

No one has made me (in the sense of "forced", "coerced", or "paid") to believe in Jesus as God's embodiment of truth and the only Savior of mankind (myself included). I made such a decision to believe on my own free will, based upon God answering my prayer to Him to forgive me of things that my conscience told me were wrong. I believed in him out of personal experience and intelligence. My trust in Jesus as Savior grew out of my personal experience of his working in changing certain unenviable qualities of my life as well as my own personal intellectual pursuit of truth. The teachings of Jesus as well as the fingerprint of God via the internal evidence of the Bible and the external evidence all around us in nature prompted my belief. A belief with reason but not a belief that from a perspective of unbelief always seems reasonable.

Intern, 32, United States

I realize that there is nothing but truth in Jesus' words. Jesus has changed my life (in a good way of course!) so dramatically. I love living for Jesus now, and how he keeps on challenging me to love others unselfishly the way he loved us, for making me want to become a better person not for man's sake, but because I want to please him. I believe in Jesus because even the "bad times" are not that bad only because I know Jesus is there and is providing.

Student, 20, United States

I look at my life before knowing Jesus and now. I realise that I wouldn't have it any other way. Whenever I fall, he picks me up. Whenever I sin, he'll forgive, whenever I'm depressed, he brings joy. He's an awesome lord, and he never turns his back on those who follow him.

Musician/Guitarist, 20, Australia

The foundation and philsophy of Jesus is the only theory that makes perfect sense. I have found flaws in every other religious theory.
The consistent laws of nature prove that there is someone out there that made up the rules all along. That led me to believe in a higher being and thus led me in the curiousity to find the right one. Good things don't just happen, for instance, if you walk into a room and you find a bunch of delicious cookies, those cookies didn't fall from the sky. Someone put thought and effort into baking them, just like when you see glimpse of goodness in this world, that didn't come from no where--it's from God.

Student, 21, United States

I got very sick, and the doctors did not think I would make it to age 15. But I am 36 years old now, and I can tell you that Jesus is a healer!

Female, 36, United States

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People`s Experience With Jesus - What Makes You Believe in Jesus?
When I was younger, in the 70`s & 80`s I used to go along with the world, the type of activities which lead to nowhere. Then I realised that, hey, I had some Christian friends way back during my school days. My heart longed to find such friends and through playing tennis got in touch with someone who brought me to church. I liked the atmosphere straightaway and my friend did not have to remind me of church, since then I have found Jesus and being a follower, as with so many others, it has become a part of my life. It leads me to read the Bible a few times over, many other books and articles on Him and most importantly led my wife and all my children''3 of them'' to Christ. Praise the Lord!

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By: Seng Hoe(Sam) Teoh
Category: People`s Experience With Jesus - What Makes You Believe in Jesus?
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