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  The Christmas Story - The Birth of Jesus Christ

Baby Jesus and Mary mother of Jesus are the central figures of the Christmas story. Luke's biography of Jesus records how Mary and her betrothed husband Joseph left their home in Nazareth to travel to Joseph's ancestral home, Bethlehem. Finding no place to stay in the town, Mary gave birth to Jesus in the primitive lodgings of an animal stable, referred to as Jesus manger. Jesus and Mary were visited by shepherds and wise men who traveled long distances to witness Jesus born and greet Jesus mother.

Read the Christmas story from an ancient biographer, Luke (Chapter 2).

The Jewish prophesy of Christmas also foretold the story of Jesus birth and the coming Messiah. 

Today, Christmas day is an annual holiday on December 25th that commemorates Jesus birthday. The year Jesus was born also marks a division of the modern calendar.  The years before Jesus' birth are marked as B.C. (Before Christ), and the years after Jesus birth are marked A.D. (Anno Domini).

Without Jesus Christmas would have no meaning.  Although modern Chrismas day festivals miss the Chrismas origin, some children still celebrate Christmas by singing a happy birthday Jesus song, and the devout spend Christmas with Jesus through prayer.

Many people throughout the world have been prompted to ask questions about when was Jesus born, his life, death, and message. Here's some of what you can investigate further about the person of Jesus:

Read more about the Christmas origin in the Christmas story from an ancient biographer of Jesus, Matthew (Chapter 1). Matthew's biography begins by recounting the genealogy and virgin birth of Jesus, and then moves to the Jesus birth in Bethlehem.

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Was Jesus Born on Dec 25th?

I think it is common knowledge that Jesus likely was not born on December 25.

He may have been, but no one has a written record of the exact day of Jesus' birth. It is helpful to know what we do know.

That a star was seen so there must have been a clear enough sky.

that shepherds were in the field so it must have been warm enough for people to be outside.

That Mary the mother of Jesus was traveling to Bethlehem because of a known proclamation to pay taxes to Rome

so we do know the season.

By: Victor Emmanuel
Category: Jesus Resurrection and Ascension
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