How often did Jesus pray?
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What Did Jesus Do?

The New Testament Bible shows that Jesus did a lot of miracles during his lifetime. Click here to see miracles Jesus did:


The Bible also highlights statements Jesus made that stood out as being different from what many people were saying—including the religious leaders of the day (the Pharisees and Sadducees). His statements were radical and thought provoking and often revealed the hypocrisy in the heart of mankind. Jesus never contradicted the Old Testament Scriptures or the Law. Rather, He confirmed them. But He also added clarity to their depth. When He was in the temple at age twelve, He quoted the Old Testament and showed how the scriptures pointed to Himself.


The New Testament reveals that Jesus spoke in a way that was different from the average man, or even from any man or woman that has ever lived. He often about higher love, true love, sacrificial love and showed mankind what that meant by dying on the cross to save mankind, to save all who would choose to accept His gift of salvation.


Jesus studied the Old Testament scriptures and read from them in the Temple when He was only twelve years old. He preached and taught and referred often to Old Testament content, explaining it in the context of his own life and His Heavenly Father’s.


Click here for Jesus’ key messages:

Click here for other key teaching of Jesus:


According to the Bible, Jesus prayed a lot. He taught people how to pray. He fed the hungry and healed the sick. He answered many questions that people asked, but sometimes, when the questions seemed to be tricks coming from hearts of people who wanted to see his downfall, He either didn’t answer or He answered by posing a question to them.


The New Testament component of the Bible teaches that Jesus was obedient to His parents. He grew in favor with men and with God.


The Bible shows that Jesus loved people and that He told them about his Father in Heaven. The New Testament Bible also tells us that He held children in his arms and told people how special children are.


According to the Bible, Jesus claimed to be God’s Son. He rose from the dead after He was tortured and crucified. He appeared to over 500 people after His death.


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Click here to see Jesus’ biography seen in the New Testament Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John:


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How often did Jesus pray?

The New Testament Bible does not record precisely how many times Jesus prayed but in a sense He prayed all the time. He prayed every day. He probably prayed every moment within His heart since He chose to remain dependant on the Father.

In the New Testament Gospels, we see Jesus praying often – day and night, and sometimes all through the night. He would pray everywhere He went. He spoke to His Father in prayer about everything. He was obedient to His Father and heard His Father’s will by seeking Him in prayer.

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Category: How often did Jesus pray?
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