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A place for people of all backgrounds to learn about Jesus
Jesus Central - A Place for People of All Backgrounds Learn About Jesus
Jesus Central - A Place for People of All Backgrounds Learn About Jesus
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Jesus Teachings & Key Messages
    God Loves You and Is With You
    Love One Another
    Immense Value of Each Person
    the Kingdom of God has Come to Earth
    Reality of Judgment to Heaven or Hell
    Ask Jesus - He Says God Forgives You if You Ask

Other Jesus Teachings and Parables of Jesus
    Money: Charity Not Greed
    Do Not Worry. God Knows and Will Meet Your Needs
    Fury Over Religious Hypocrisy
    Humility as a Virtue
    Jesus` Parables Unveiling the Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven

Claims of Jesus about Himself
    I am One with God the Father
    I am the Source of Eternal Life
    I Have Authority to Forgive Sins
    I am Perfectly Obedient to God
    I Come from Outside this World
    I am the King, the Jewish Messiah

Statements of Purpose

Commands to Followers
    Love & Obey God
    Love & Obey Me
    Love One Another
    Forgive One Another
    Invite Me to be Close to You
    Believe I Am Who I Claim to Be
    Have Faith (Trust) in God

Promises To Followers
    Love and Friendship of God
    Fresh Start/Forgiveness
    Answers To Prayers In Faith
    Eternal Life
    God's Spirit Present With You
    Rewards in Heaven for Sacrifice Now

Interactions with Specific People
    Political Leader - Roman Governor, Pilate
    Military Leader - Roman centurion
    Religious Leader - Nicodemus
    Rejected in Society - Foreign, female, prostitute
    Sexually Immoral - Woman caught in adultery
    Jesus on Cross with Condemned Criminal
    Hated - Zacchaeus the Tax collector
    Little Children
    Handicapped - Man born blind
    Those Grieving over Death - Sisters of Lazarus


Historic Jesus: History and Time Line of the Life of Jesus
    Proof of Jesus
    Jesus Resurrection and Ascension
    Brief Life Summary: Who Was Jesus Christ?
    Life of Jesus - First Century Context of Palestine (Israel)
    Timeline Before Life of Jesus - Palestine from 750 Years Before Jesus
    Time Line During Life of Jesus - Lifetime Overview
    Final Week of Jesus
    Jesus` Last Words, Final Hours on Cross and Jesus` Death
    Timeline After Jesus - Through 325 Years After


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Eyewitnesses Describe Jesus
    John`s Biography of Jesus
    Matthew`s Biography of Jesus
    Paul Describes Jesus
       Demonstration of God`s Love
       Paul Describes Jesus As Risen from the Dead
       Paul Describes Jesus as Son of God or Messiah
       Sacrifice for Humankind
       Source of Forgiveness (Savior)
    Peter Describes Jesus
       Risen from the Dead
       Son of God or Messiah
       a Sacrifice for Humankind
    John Describes Jesus
       Son of God or Messiah
       Source of Forgiveness and Eternal Life
       a Demonstration of God`s Love
    Miscellaneous Witnesses Describe Jesus
       As God or Son of God
       as the Messiah
       as Astonishing
       as Innocent
       as a Sacrifice for Humankind

Early Biographers Provide Biography of Jesus
    John`s Biography of Jesus
    Matthew`s Biography of Jesus
    Luke`s Biography of Jesus
    Mark`s Biography of Jesus

Recorded Jesus Miracles

Jewish Prophets Describe the Messiah


Modern Descriptions of Jesus
    Famous People Describe Jesus
    Jesus the Liar, Lunatic or Lord
    Jesus the Feminist
    Jesus the CEO
    Jesus the Advocate for the Poor
    Emotional Jesus
    Jesus the Scandal
    Jesus the Party-Goer
    Jesus the Great Physician

Practical Helps from Jesus Life
    True Friend
    Friendship for the Lonely
    Rest for the Tired
    Power for the Weak
    Peace for the Anxious
    Security for the Fearful
    Hope of Eternal Life for the Dying
    Comfort for the Sorrowful
    Forgiveness for the Guilty

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People`s Experience With Jesus
    What Do You Mean by "A Relationship With Jesus?"
    How Have You Experienced Jesus on a Day-to-Day Basis?
    Why and How Did You Become a Follower of Jesus?
    What Makes You Believe in Jesus?
    Your Turn

The DaVinci Code

The Passion: True to the Original Script?

The Meaning of Christmas

The Meaning of Easter


Courses about Jesus

Study Guides
    Quick Study Guide - 2 Minutes
    Quick Study Guide - 10 Minutes
    Quick Study Guide - 30 Minutes
    Quick Study Guide - 60 Minutes

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