Who did Jesus heal?
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Who did Jesus heal?

Jesus healed everyone who crossed His path that needed healing. He healed people near and far. One woman had a chronic case of bleeding. She was healed by simply touching the hem of Jesus’s garment. He then felt virtue go out of Him and knew that He had healed someone. Other people, such as blind Bartineaus, called to Jesus to be healed and He healed them from compassion. A Roman centurion (he had 100 soldiers under him), came to Jesus begging for Him to heal his daughter. He knew that Jesus could speak the Word and she would be healed. And she was healed by Jesus simply speaking the Word. She was healed at the very hour He spoke the Word even though she was miles from where Jesus was at that time.

One man had waited by the pool of Bethesda to be healed. Jesus came along and spoke His Word and the man got up and walked.

Another man was let down into the roof top of a home seeking Jesus to heal him. The many was a paralytic and Jesus did heal him.

The stories of who Jesus healed are seen in the New Testament Bible and are numerous.

Jesus healed people everywhere He went because He had compassion on them. He felt their pain and healed them. 

The New Testament Bible shows that Jesus did a lot of miracles during his lifetime. Click here to see miracles Jesus did:


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Category: Who did Jesus heal?
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Who did Jesus heal?
Jesus healed lots of different people, from many different places. He would go with his friends, to help them. He healed them just by tuching them and it would change there lives forever, because there where no medicains. There was no other way of being healed.

By: Alice Freeman
Category: Who did Jesus heal?
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